I Used OrangeTwig for 7 days and What Happened Next Was Priceless – Part 2

So in my last post, I shared some really high-level and basic info about OrangeTwig.com.  I’ve just completed my Cyber Weekend Sales setup and am pleased with the results.  My Cyber Weekend Sales started with a Black Friday Sale.  I used OrangeTwig to schedule the sale and select the products I wanted to place on sale.


OrangeTwig gives you several options – you can create Daily Deals, Product Sales, and Coupon Codes.  The Product Poster isn’t tied to a sale, it’s just another way for you you to share your products on social media.


If you’ve ever used EtsyOnSale.com, the process is extremely similar, however, Orangetwig has a much nicer interface and it offers one additional feature that is – well – AWESOME!

OrangeTwig allows you to connect to your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. When you schedule a sale, OrangeTwig creates a marketing plan for  your sale with Graphics and all.


You can edit the text and graphics that appears on your schedule posts. The posts are scheduled according to your sale.  I created a Daily Deal and OrangeTwig created an automatic graphic for my deal.  To me this was a total time save and completely priceless.  In the past, I would have spent another 30 mins to an hour just creating a graphic and then some more time posting to all my social media sites.

Daily Deal


Above is how your sales will appear in your shop. If you choose to add a prefix, this will appear in either your title or description or both if you set it this way.  The sales banner also appears and your pricing is adjusted for the duration that you set. Once your sale ends your product reverts back to its original state.

The results was also Awesome! By using OrangeTwig to manage my sales and using their social media integration, I increase my shops SEO and number of visits to my shop. This also resulted in some additional sales (see my stats for the 7 days I used OrangeTwig below).


7-days Shop Stats




7 Day Shop Stats Compared to Previous Week and Year

From a social media perspective, my Instagram followers increased by 150 and my Facebook post was shared several times. For these reasons I give OrangeTwig 2 Thumbs Up



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