How to Stencil a Floor

Hey EcoEtsy friends! It’s been a while since we’ve written a post. I’ve written a few posts over the years about my old house. Five years ago, I purchased a house that is entering it’s 100th year of standing.  Love old houses for this very reason, they were built to last.

When I started giving my old girl new life, I had no clue where to get started.  So I made a list of projects and started ripping through them. Now I’m to the point where I’m adding personal touches as decor. A few weeks ago, I decided I would stencil my floors. So I started searching through Etsy in search of a stencil I could use. That’s when I found StencilsLabNY – they have a nice variety of stencils along with a good selection of sizes.

I purchased the Symmetric Mandala Floor Stencil and it arrived within just a few days – super fast.  I took a few days to decide where I was going to place the stencil and decided that I would stencil my staircase landing. The process was super easy. Here are the tools I used:

  1. A recycled aluminum pan2-floor-stencil
  2. Craft Paint
  3. 3″ paint roller
  4. Foam brush
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Stencil

I started off by finding the center point of my landing – using a measuring tape I measured the width and length to find the center. I marked it with a pencil. Then I laid the stencil on the floor, holding both long sides until I had it perfectly centered. Since the stencil has a sticky back (SCORE!) I didn’t have to tape it down to the floor. I pressed the stencil onto my floor to make sure I didn’t have any lifted corners.

I took a step back to make sure it was aligned. I purchased a 24-inch stencil which is 1/2 a design so I only needed to make sure the middle of the design was centered on my floor.

I poured a little paint into the aluminum pan and rolled my dry roller over the paint and throughout the pan to ensure I didn’t have a ton of paint on the roller and I started rolling over the stencil.


I applied two coats of paint. Waiting a few minutes into between coats.  After the last coat, I lifted the stencil and went off to do some dishes – to give the paint some time to dry.  I waited about 30 minutes before flipping the stencil to complete the design. I lined up the stencil over the end of the design, the center of your painted area needs to be aligned with the stencil. Then I just followed the same process of rolling the paint and drying.



I used part of the stencil to add additional details to the design following the same steps of placing the stencil where I wanted and rolling over the design area with a roller brush lightly loaded with paint. The end product – Fabulousness. 2-floor-stencil-finished


Have you ever stenciled your floor or walls? If so, do you have tips? We’d love to hear them.

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