A Narrow Window




As I enviously view lovely photos of Spring having bloomed in some parts of the U.S.A., I have only today begun to see the beginnings of what will soon be blooms here in NE Ohio  and we can not wait!  Sadly, as I walk the streets of the neighborhood after the snows have finally melted what I’m mostly seeing ‘blooming’ is trash and LOTS of it.  Blown by winter winds and hidden under blankets of snow, plastic, paper, styrofoam, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and even a ‘dead’ boogie board(unusual find here in NE Ohio!)   lie in the fields and along the streets waiting to be mistaken for food by some poor unsuspecting critter or unwitting traps for others. 

I have taken, the last few days, to walking through the fields behind my house and the streets of my neighborhood with trash bags in tow. I wear rubber gloves to pick up what has been strewn by Mother Nature in order to save the little critters who will soon come out from hiding. In the last 2 weeks I’ve collected 4 STUFFED bags full of unintentional litter and there is so much more I have yet to do.

It struck me today that I need to pick up my pace a bit. The weeds will soon be growing, bushes leafing and grass growing covering the garbage again with summer foliage and if I don’t get it now, I will miss my chance to grab it before an animal does.

My suggestion with this post is that we ALL carry a bag with us and pick up what we seen strewn in fields, lawns, sidewalks and streets every time it is possible when we’re out walking around. I’m embarrassed to say that I just recently had this epiphany but believe me, I’m making up for lost time!  When I get home, I sort the recyclables and toss the trash and I feel a little better about our area.

You don’t have to adopt a mile of highway to make a difference. If we all took one block, that would go a long way too!

CAUTION!  In our area, we have a bit of a meth production problem and people discard 2 liter bottles that have been used as  portable meth labs. These bottles have fluid in them and are VERY DANGEROUS AS THEY COULD EXPLODE. They should NOT be touched. If you come across a liquid filled 2 liter bottle (maybe any sized bottle with liquid) DO NOT TOUCH IT! CALL 911. (Same advice if you find one thrown in your yard.) Better safe than sorry.  




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