hanky panky

I don’t know about you, but, me, I’m a morning sneezer. The few minutes before my shower are a flurry of “atchoo”s and “hitchoo”s and “gichoo”s. I reserve a part of my monthly budget just for Kleenex. But: no more! Nope, I’m going to invest in an ol’ fashioned handkerchief.

For sneeze-catching and/or for daintily dropping when walking past a cute boy, a few of my kerchief favs:

Red Coral handpainted silk hanky, by DoubleLuck, $40.

Lionel Richie handkerchief, by LucyRobinson, $30.

Swallow tattoo hand embroidered hanky by mudflapgrrrl, $14.

Vintage handkerchief with hand tatted edge by zoestoys, $10.

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