ladies and gentlemen, the competition has begun.

The Eco Etsy street team’s first contest, Tree Huggin’, has been kick-started by two entries posted in the contest’s flickr pool.

The first entry is from visual artist sheridesthelion:

Says sheridesthelion: “This is an artist portrait of Sonia Romero and her painting, “Tree Full of Life” from her Tree of Life series.

This photograph was a collaborative effort of Sonia Romero and Isabel Avila.”

Sheridesthelion’s etsy shop is filled with beautiful, hand-carved linolium cuts, like this stunner, H is for Hippo:

… and, yes, I want one of each in the series. They’re just beautiful.

Our second contest entry is titled “sky embrace”, and comes from carlasindiedesigns. Carla is also a visual artist, which I think is pretty clear in the composition of this shot:

The density of green is just beautiful! Says Carla: “This photograph was taken from the top of a mountain Upstate NY, so many trees you could hardly see the other mountains around, hiking was a bit risky with all the bears in the area…but so worth it!
It’s funny, when we look at certain mountains from far we sometimes don’t realize how many trees are there until we’re actually there!”

Carla’s etsy shop has as much bright colour as her entry …

… like this Original SONNO. Check her shop as well for a new series of black and white photographs.

I look forward to seeing more and more entries to the Eco Etsy Tree Huggin’ competition as the October 7th deadline approaches. Keep your eyes here, or on our flickr competition pool, for more entrants!

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