The paper towel must die!

I recently posted about handkerchiefs on etsy. I understand they may be a bit of a leap for some people — can you say hayfever? — but surely nobody can argue for the necessity of the paper towel. I’m right, aren’t I? No one needs paper towels for anything! Nothing! There is nothing that can’t be scooped, swiped or swatted with a good ol’ fashioned tea towel. Granted, sometimes a rubber glove or oven mitt might be required for reinforcement — to keep ick and hand as far apart as possible — but a tea towel will always, always do the trick.

Especially when it’s super cute.

Blue and Violet Tea Items Flour Sack Towel, by tlane, $8.

Peas and Carrots Hand Embroidered Tea Towels, by Norththreads, $16.95/pair

Kirin green kitchen towel – 061, by PataPri, $14.

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