The “Tree Huggin” Photo Contest

I thought this would be a fun and creative way to show our love and appreciation for the environment. And what better way then to get out there and collect photos of Etsy members hugging a tree!

The contest is open to ALL Etsy members. You must be an Etsy seller to participate. Contestants will take a creative photo incorporating a tree and themselves in some creative way. All entries will be uploaded to the Eco Etsy Flickr Group for all to see. You are not restricted to huggin a tree per say; you can hang from the tree, climb the tree, whatever your creative minds can think of to create a winning picture. The photo will be judged based on composition, creativity, style and your ability to capture the tree in it’s beauty. Other props can be used to create in interesting photo, but keep in mind that the tree will be the main focus .

Entry Details
The contest will launch on September 18th and end on October 7th. All entries must be uploaded to the Eco Etsy Flcikr account by 12pm EST on the 7th of October to qualify. All photos must be uploaded to the Eco Etsy Tree Huggin Photo Contest Flickr Group. The photo description must say “Tree Huggin contest”, your Etsy user name and shop url. The photo should also be tagged with the words eco, etsy, tree, huggin, contest. The image uploaded must be at least 565 px wide. There will be three judges from the Eco Etsy Street Team, picked at random by funkybytara to judge the entries. The winner will be announced on October 12th.

What will the winner receive ?
The winner will receive a surprise gift box of handmade goodies donated by the street team. There will also be another surprise included in the gift box, but it’s a secret! Know one will know what the secret prize is until the winner gets their package and shares it with the rest of us.

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