Tree Huggin’ Competition spotlight: fantazya and incraftwetrust

The Tree Huggin’ photo contest entries have come flooding in for the past few days, and our poor little blog-bot (aka me) has been sniffley and thus fallen wa-a-a-ay behind on the entrant spotlight features! Yikes! Now that I’ve returned to some semblance of health, I’ll try to make it up to you by posting two of the entrant photos and shop info per day until we’ve got ourselves all caught up.

Let’s start with this too-cool family photo from fantazya:

What a great perspective! How different from the usual posed family portrait! The family members’ spacing echoes the random placement of the trees, and each and every colour just pops. Too fun.

When a photographer has such an eye to create an image like this, I know I’m going to love their shop, and fantazya does not disappoint! A smattering of natural beauty products and clothing and accessories made from recycled fabrics tempt, like this:

Autumn tartan bag by recycling, $25.

Likewise keeping the competition in the family is this entry from incraftwetrust:

This mother’s portrait of her daughter brings a smile to my face. I just love to see parents teaching their kids a love of and respect for nature. It makes me optimistic for the future, which isn’t a feeling that many environmentalists get to enjoy too often! Plus, I mean, froggie boots, y’all. Come on. I love it.

Incraftwetrust continues the tree hugging theme in her etsy shop:

TREE HUGGER pinback button, $1.

I don’t envy the competition judges the difficult task they’ll have in choosing a winner, with entries like these two. Stay tuned over the next few days to see more photos and the shops they come from!

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