family portraits: knittergirl and Crea8tiveMama

As the Eco Etsy street team’s first-ever contest draws to a close, I’m noticing a bit of a trend: family portraits. Sure, yeah, everyone takes lots of pictures of their loved ones, but what I love about these portraits are the unique angles and atraditional perspectives they take on the classic portrait shot. Take, for example, this entry by knittergirl:

Says knittergirl: “This picture was taken in Eurka, California. The person in this picture (my husband) is 6 foot 2 in. He is in such aw of how big they are. Unbelievably these tree are still growing.”

I love the body positioning in this shot: the neck cocked back, the unseen eyes obviously cast up, and the tall man utterly dwarfed by giant trees. The sunlit soft-focus is an especially nice effect.

Keeping with the slightly-awkward body positioning are the adorable stuffies in knittergirl’s etsy shop. My personal favs are these dichrone bears. They have so much personality:

Knitted Bear, $25.

Likewise keeping her entry in the family theme is Crea8tiveMama:

Says Traci: “Here is a photograph of my 2.5 year old son ‘huggin’ on one of our back yard trees. He even whispered to the tree, ‘I wuv you chree.'”

OK, everybody, come on, let it out. Did you hear that? That was the collective “aaaaaaw!” of every eco etsy blog reader. Just look at those eyelashes! Kid is going to be a heartbreaker one day. I swear.

Of course, in choosing an item from Crea8tiveMama’s shop to profile, my eyes beelined to the card made from recycled material, which is, as Traci notes, perfect for anyone deserving credit for a job well done:

Recycle Mail American Express You Deserve Credit Card, $3.

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