More photo contest entrants: kreativemindz and CrimsonSeaDragon

The Eco Etsy tree huggin’ photo contest winner is to be announced tomorrow (omigosh!), but we still have a number of photographers left to highlight! Stay tuned for the winning annoucement real soon, and for more profiles even after the competition has ended (why not?). I’ve also built up a little backlog of shops and products unrelated to the photo contest to tell you about in the next few days and weeks. So stay tuned!

Our first photo today is from kreativemindz:

Says Kreativemindz: “This was taken at the Red River Gorge in KY…on our first honeymoon. 😀 We love that place!” Coyly absent from her explanation is what exactly she means by “first honeymoon”!

Check out kreativemindz’s etsy shop for some great threads – pants, hair wraps, shirts, cuff, and this super cool apron, which is on sale right now:

Apron top made from Recycled pants, $15.

CrimsonSeaDragon‘s contribution to the contest photo pool is this photo, titled “I Could Never be a Squirrel”:

This dizzying angle makes my head spin! CrimsonSeaDragon says the photo was taken in Lumberton, NJ, which is surely the home of Olympic-class squirrels. Legs like cannons, I swear.

CrimsonSeaDragon makes jewelry, clothing and purses, much of which comes from vintage or repurposed materials. These earrings, for instance, are largely repurposed suede, and pretty jazzy if I might add:

Crimson Suede Earrings, $7.50.

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