Eco Etsy Team Sale: Lapomme and Rikrak

I had the pleasure of smelling one of Lapomme’s wonderful Lavender Sachets when it was donated for the last contest we held. I’m sure the cuteness of the Sweet Heart Baby Scented Sleep Pillow is nothing short of a great smell as well. Detailed sewing is used to create this fabulous pattern of a baby sleeping away in lavender land. Made from linen and stuffed with real lavender makes this a must for any over worked, stressed person. What a deal at $24 USD thanks to the Eco sale!

Green and blue! My favorite colors. And if I had a little one, this Blueberry Cupcake bib would be mine. Created by our very own Rikrak. I love the stitch detail and the flower pattern. Made from vintage fabrics that are re purposed, but you would never know by the way Rikrak has expertly crafted this wonder of a bib. Any child would be happy to have this around their neck. Heck, I might see if I can get a big one for me too. what a steal at just $19.95 USD.

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