October 28th Chat Minutes

Hello all. Sorry so late posting chat minutes on the blog. Letitiah is on vacation so I’m filling in when I can.

Our member list has reached about 60 members so far. Each day we are adding new Etsyians to the team. This past Sunday I headed a team chat meeting in which only four people attended. Thanks to those who showed up and thanks to those who contacted me to let me know you would not be attending.

The two main topics discussed where
1. Creating team revenue
2. Running a team wide sale in November

Topic 1 ( creating revenue)

I brought up the idea of either opening a team shop or charging quarterly dues. We bounced around ideas with turning our etsy profile into an outlet for members to sell there wares, get more exposure to their craft as well as create revenue for the team. After the meeting however, It was brought to my attention from one of the Etsy team admins that team shops are strongly advised against. You need super organization and lots of donated help. Since we have either of those at this point, I have decided to put that idea on hold until I can find some more help with leader and admin duties.

That brings me to quarterly dues. This is something that is implemented in many teams and after lots of discussion with other team leaders, I am tossing around the idea of charging dues. Three of the four members that attended the meeting agreed that this was a great idea. I wish their were more members at the meeting to discuss this very important topic but since it was just four of us, Im sure there will be a lot of debate on this issue.

Where will these dues go and what will the funds be used for you ask? Well lots of things, but just to name a few….

> Shipping cost for prizes and gifts to be sent out to contest winners
> Advertising on high profile blogs and other craft related sites
> Funding for the monthly newsletter
> Promotional material such as post cards, flyers, business cards, etc. to promote the team and our blog
> Stamps for our packaging
> Donating to various Eco organizations
> Funding for a possible website in the future

There are lots of ways a team could benefit from a team bank account. I plan to run a voting pole on Yahoo soon about this topic. You will be able to go vote on dues or no dues and If you vote for dues, what do you think is a fair amount to charge, and if you vote against dues, I would like other suggestions on how to raise money for the team. More on this topic later.

Topic 2 ( November sale)

It was agreed upon by the members at the meeting that a team wide sale is due.

> The sale will run from November 11th thru November 21st.
> We will offer 20% off select items in our shops.
> It is up to you if you want to participate.
> All members joining the sale must put an announcment up in their shops advertising the sale.
> I will supply a statement that everyone can copy and past into your shop announcment section
> Each item that is 20% in your shop must have ECO 20% off in the listing title. This will make our sale items easy to find
> Items on sale will also be tagged with a word to easily find all sale listings. This word is yet to be determined
> Any person who purchases a sale item will be entered into a drawing to win two prizes donated by two Eco Etsy team members. This is something that I would like to implement every other month.

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