Etsy for Animals Celebrates its Birthday with a Group Sale!


Newark, CA, U.S.A. – September 1, 2008 – EFA Artists Helping Animals is a team of more than 500 animal lovers with individual shops on Etsy, an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade items. The EFA Team Store is a cooperative and all volunteer shop at, where all profits are sent to the EFA Animal Charity of the Month, an animal charity of choice of at least one EFA member. Since the opening of the EFA Team Store in September 2007, the store has provided over $4200 of charitable relief to animal organizations.

To celebrate, EFA members are offering a 20% off coupon valid from September 15 to 30. This coupon is redeemable at the EFA Team Store as well as over 150 EFA member stores. For more information and a list of participating stores, see

During September 2008, the EFA Team Store profits will be going to the Highland County Humane Society. The Highland County Humane Society is a no-kill shelter that serves a very large rural area in Ohio, and was chosen by Tammy, an EFA member who volunteers there. Tammy says, “This shelter cares for all the stray, sick, injured, and ‘throw-away’ animals in my area. Although more people have been dropping off animals, fewer people have been donating. They do not like to turn any away, but without help they may have to. They are not just in need, they are in desperate need!”

Members of EFA can contribute items from their individual shops for sale in the EFA Team Store, with 100 percent of the profits going to the Charity of the Month. In addition, many members of EFA donate 10 to 100 percent of their sales or profits to either the EFA Charity of the Month or other animal charities. As of June 2008, EFA members had donated almost $10,000 to various animal charities in the United States – over $4200 was donated from the EFA Team Store alone.


For more information:
Contact: El Ciammaichella
Telephone: (510) 493-7443

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