Everyone Gets Involved – Recycle Reduce ReThink

Recently I had the pleasure of filling a recycled tShirt market bag order for Madison County’s Recycling education center, and in doing so came across an array of weblinks for children/students that I’d like to share. Madison County, Illinois, is making great strides in educating and involving their community with events and fun venues to get the word out about Recycle, Reduce and ReThinking our product uses before and after purchase.

Weblinks just for kids offers lots of fun venues to get all ages involved.

Student YouTube Competition – Recycle glass competition for eligible Science Students.

A great teacher link: A to Z block – Helping the Planet

While I (Jane Pierce aka zJayne) am not from Madison County, my recycling county is Cuyahoga in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Proud to share that Cleveland’s Green Ranking improved dramatically in a national survey this year.

News and sharing of sustainability information makes a difference…one article at a time. So Thank You TEAMECOETSY for all the effort behind enlightenment, blog entries, website sharing and supporting our individual handmade shops.

“Are all your recycling efforts worth the trouble?”. Here’s a look at the five most commonly recycled household items, the benefits and drawbacks of recycling each, and a “bin rating” to help you prioritize your recycling.

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