Eco-dorable Costume Idea!

Fisheye came up with a great costume idea for a child: A Garden Gnome!

All parts of this costume have a handmade and eco-friendly element to them, which makes it all the more eco-dorable!

If you do a search on Etsy for “teamecoetsy“, you can come up with your own eco-friendly costumes for young and old alike! If you think you’ve come up with something really ingenious, send in your EcoEtsy costume idea to contact [at] and who knows, we may just feature what you’ve devised!

• Organic Cotton Knit Elf Hat by lovebugknits
• Bear Dreams Childrens T-shirt by inkyspider
• Hansel Fuzzy Baby Boots by MiaJoie
• Hand carved footstool by TrilliumArtisans

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