Recycling Packaging Can Be Easy

Hey all! I wanted to give my two cents on recycled packaging today. Really, there are just a few things to keep in mind if you want to take an easy approach towards reusing packaging that you’ve received:

First off, when opening said packaging, don’t tear it to shreds, no matter how excited you might be to get at what is inside.

Instead, try to keep the packaging presentable, or at the very least in tact, and store it away for reuse later on. Scissors may come in handy here.
Carefull open your package

A very easy way to reuse packaging without putting out too much effort is to simply remove as much in the way of old stamps, stickers and address labels that it came with. But if this can’t be done easily, or damages the front of the package, your best bet is to create a new “label” for your envelope or box by taking some paper (preferably a used piece that you can get some more use out of), and cutting it to the dimensions of the package front. Then simply use some sturdy packaging tape to append this new label, and make sure that it covers up old information effectively, and neatly.

You might even want to write a little something about how the package you’re sending out to your customer (or whoever) has been reused by you, and that they should do the same!

I’ve been reusing packaging for over a year of selling on Etsy, and even longer than that when shipping out old books I sold on I never once received a complaint about the reused packaging I’d send items in. I think that whether new or not when put in the mailbox, it all looks pretty much the same by the time it gets to its destination, so people aren’t very picky about packaging presentation, from my experience at least. This doesn’t mean you should send out a package that looks dreadful and is falling apart either. All things in moderation.


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