What’s Inside Part 1: EcoEtsy’s Auction for a Cause Basket

If you haven’t heard yet, we have a basket full of handmade, eco-friendly goodies that’s up for bids until October 30th. Full details on what the auction is looking to raise money for, how to bid, and more is all here.

To give current and potential bidders a better idea of just what is in this basket of goodies up for bids, and how each item is eco-friendly, I’ve asked those who’ve donated an item to the basket to tell me a bit about the donated piece and just what makes it earth-friendly. Here’s what I found out…

From Lil Fish Studios is this beautiful 9 stem button bouquet made entirely of vintage buttons and reclaimed leather! The leather has been reclaimed from a purse, and the buttons have been reclaimed from vintage clothing. It doesn’t get more “reuse” than this!

From SteppingStones is this Genuine Beach Stone Unisex Choker / Bracelet.
As the creator of this multi-tasking accessory simply puts it, “It’s eco friendly because it’s EARTH!”

FashionGreentBags donated several “greensleeves,” wristlets/pouches. They’re green because they’re created from the sleeves of the t-shirts that she turns into bags. They’re decoratively stitched and are great for bulk food purchases, keeping small items or a reusable bag handy and ready to use.

EcoKate donated a set of 3 cleaning cloths similar to the ones pictured below, but in dark blue, light blue and cream colors. These 100% cotton cloths are washable and reusable, which means they are great replacements for the throw-away sponges and paper towels they are made to replace and outlast.

Stay tuned for further installments of “What’s Inside” to find out what else is in this wonderfully earth-friendly basket up for bids!

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