Cozy Up!

It’s the time of year to start bundling up all the things that are near and dear to you. That’s what this week’s eco-friendly finds are all about. Thanks to Fisheye for these great picks*!

– Vintage reversible coat for sale by ASecondChance
– Plaid on Plaid Upcycled Purse by fisheye
– Reversible Dog Coat by anniessweatshop
– Upcycled Blue Felt Wool Mittens by woolywooly
– Coffee Cup Sleeve by eastcoastkitsch

*If you’d like to submit a theme idea and 4 or 5 picks for one week, please convo me with your picks: ShutterKate. Just remember, all of your picks must be found by searching for the tag “teamecoetsy“. I will be sure to give you credit for your submissions.

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