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Converting Old Light Bulbs into Holiday Decorations
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Round up!
First things first, collect the following supplies…
+ blown light bulb
+ felt scraps
+ buttons and/or beads
+ embroidery floss, yarn and/or thread (and needle)
+ scissors
+ paint (white, black, orange)
+ paint brushes
+ fabric glue

Stay warm with a Toboggan!
Create a tube by sewing together various felt scraps together. The stitches will be seen, but it’s not important to keep the stitches neat (it adds to the handmade nature of the craft).
As you piece the scraps together, measure them against the circumference of the light bulb for a snug fit. The goal is a tube which is twice as tall as the silver base of the light bulb.
If you’d like your snowman to be dressed to impress, you can add an extra snippet of felt, bead, or button to the front of what will soon be the front of the toboggan.
Put the finished tube on the light bulb and pull down to fully cover the silver base. Using a piece of embroidery floss, tie the tube closed just above the base.
Clip the felt at the top to create fringe and a fluffy top to the toboggan that you’ve just created.

Snuggle up with a Scarf!
Cut a strip of felt that is approximately ½â€ wide by 8” long (you can also piece together felt to these measurements, if your scraps are smaller which will create a patchwork look).
Wrap the strip of felt around the “neck” of the bulb. Hold the scarf together where it over laps and remove from the bulb.
Sew the scarf together at the overlap point. You can also add a little pizzazz by adding an extra snippet of felt, bead, or button.
Clip the ends to create tiny fringe.
If you’re comfortable with the blanket stitch, you can add that stitch along the edges of the scarf that you’ve just created.

Note: Any size light bulb will work; you’ll just need to adjust the “clothes” to fit your light bulb.


Gather up some embroidery or yarn scraps in the hair color of your choice.
Tie a knot at one end, then braid to the desired length and end with a knot of colored embroidery floss.
Repeat for the other pigtail.
Ready, set… paint snow!
Paint the light bulb white (usually takes 2 coats).
Wait for it to dry. Helpful hint: you can tie a string around the light’s base and hang it up to dry.

Get bundled up!
Pull the scarf over the bulb’s socket.
Place fabric glue onto the underside the scarf and hold in place until it dries.
Put a small amount of glue on the socket and put on the toboggan—be sure to align the front of the hat with the scarf.
Finishing Touches!
Paint black dots for eyes, mouth, buttons…then a orange carrot nose.

Sit back and admire your latest creation! These snowmen (and snowgirls) are perfect as Christmas tree ornaments, present toppers, or even a little something extra to keep you smiling through out the winter months.

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