Featured Member: The Wren

I love the challenge of sustainability, of using everything to it’s fullest potential. This to me, is what makes Wren special: everything has got a bigger picture. My hand-bags are made using the ends of fabric rolls which are usually thrown away because the quantity is too limited to sell. The quality is still top notch. This simply means that my bags are highly individual and exclusive and the fabric, top quality upholstery fabric, is cheaper, making the bags all the more affordable.

The fabric left over from making these bags is used to make the cutest Bird Pouches. The fabric left over from these is sewn together with the selvages of the fabric (the stripes along the sides of the fabric with details such as the name of the fabric, producer and colour swatches printed on) to make gorgeous Selvage Cosmetic Bags. Even my packaging is sustainable – I use misprinted maps and make paper bags out of them.

My latest venture is the Organic Coffee Sling and Shoulder Bags. They are made from found and unwanted jute coffee bean sacks that have been worn wonderfully soft. They are lined with organic hemp canvas for stability and a laser-cut wooden button closes them. They are 100% organic- no zips, no frills – perfect and beautiful in it’s own right. I LOVE this bag because of it’s ease of use – it does not show the marks, hangs beautifully full or empty, has a great story, is highly individual and I can fit everything I could need in it (including my laptop).

You can visit my blog at: www.thewrendesign.com
…and my etsy shop at: www.thewren.etsy.com

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