Green Product Recommendation: Seventh Generation Laundry Soap

One of my favorite green products is Seventh Generation 2x Concentrate Liquid Laundry. It is really great at getting clothes clean but does not destroy the environment to do so.

A couple of the perks of this particular product are that it is biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for grey water and septic systems which can weigh heavy on our minds. We haven’t switched over to a grey water system yet at our house, but we are making plans to do so, so these two features are of utmost importance to us.

Another feature of Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry is that it is available in “Free & Clear” which is scent and coloring agents free. While I don’t have any sensitivities to these things, it is nice to see that a company makes options for those people who do!

And, one additional feature which I reeeeeeeally like is that Seventh Generation products are not tested on animals!

Seventh Generation has a website,, so people can check out their products, read ALL the ingredients used (they do this on the back of product containers as well), and find a local store to buy them (or shop online).

Recommendation by Sand and Sky Creations

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