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I’ve been wanting to make some yarn pom poms for tree decorations and I realized today that I have some beautiful wool/mohair blend yarn left over from the afghan that my grandmother made me some years ago. So, I did an Internet search for making pom poms and tried a method using cardboard circles…after my hand cramped and it took much too long (in my opinion) to make, I thought it would be much easier to use my fingers…and it did! It only took about a minute to complete one. After photo-documenting this method, I found that I wasn’t the only one who thought using one’s fingers is much easier. I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves, but if you’d like a version that explains each step, check this one out (yes, that is a pen mark on my love seat that I have yet to tackle).

I didn’t trim my ends to be perfect, but I like them that way. I also left one piece of yarn long (from the one that tied the pieces together) for hanging. I’d like to make some big white ones…like huge snowballs!

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