Eco Love: Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

This time of year is cold for a lot of us, and we need love in our lives to help keep us warm. The best part about using love to warm up, is that it’s a carbon free, renewable source of warmth! So if you’re feeling a bit chilly, snuggle up with your sweet heart and check out EcoEtsy’s Valentine’s day gift ideas for all kinds of loved ones in your life. . .

♥ Heart of Happiness Hipster by UnderTheRoot

♥ Upcycled Neck Sausage Links by KnitStorm

♥ Organic Baby Tee/Onesie by HandmadeNaturals

♥ Fat Bottom Upcycled Shoe Clips by monamivie

♥ Butterfly Hang Wood Heart Necklace by kimquinndotcom

♥ The Birds. cloves-and-anise scented ornaments by lapomme


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