Eco Tip of the Week: A Good Habit

Eco tip submitted by oldpatterns

Removing shopping bags from your daily diet.

I have been trying to eliminate getting new shopping bags into my house. It is amazing the amount of bags you can acquire just from one shopping trip. A little paper bag for cards, another one at the drugstore and then all the ones they hand you at the mall. Yes, I can recycle the ones handed to me, but why get them in the first place? I have a bunch of bags that fit nicely in my purse that I take with me everywhere. I find that if I don’t have them on hand, I don’t think to use them. It is much harder for me to remember to grab them out of my car before I go on a errand. I drive the store owners crazy by providing my own bags. Although many stores in my area provide me with the opportunity to purchase a reusable bag, I rarely see anyone shopping with one in a department store. I am happy to see many people starting to use reusable shopping bags in the supermarket and a few of the stores I shop at provide me with a cash incentive for providing my own shopping bag. I am happy to report that I got through black Friday without acquiring a single new bag! I have very few plastic bags in the house to re-use, and none to recycle. It really took an effort to develop this habit, but now it is second nature. I think I’ve gotten my daughter in the habit too!

Click here for free patterns to make your own shopping bags.

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