Eco Tutorial: Upcycled Gift Tags

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Upcycled Gift Tags
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Here is an oldie, but goody! My mother and grandmother used to make these, and we have made them almost every year. Don’t throw out those Holiday Cards you’ve received! Upcycle them into unique gift tags for next year. This is a fun and simple project to do by yourself or with kids.

Just gather up the cards, a pair of scissors (use the wavy scrapbooking scissors, if you have them), some scraps of ribbon, yarn, or other cording, and a hole punch.
Cut the card fronts into rectangles or other shapes, taking into consideration the pictures or words on the cards. The size will depend on the design you are highlighting. You may be able to get as many as 5-6 tags from a card. Don’t worry about being super straight or precise, these are charming no matter what.

Then use a hole punch to make a hole and tie a loop on each.
A half hour or so will yield a big pile of tags! They’ll all be different, making it fun to choose the perfect tag for any gift!

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