All Handmade, All Eco-Friendly, All the Time

Cosa Verde is a nifty new source for handmade items that are eco-friendly! It’s especially awesome that the site has an organizational breakdown to easily find items based on particular eco-friendly criteria, as some shoppers may want something that has been re-purosed, others may be shopping for vegan friends, and still others may be inclined towards organic materials, and so on.

Aside from its helpful organization, the quality of the items being featured on this site is another quite appealing aspect of Cosa Verde. The site is juried to ensure, as best as they can, that items being featured truly are eco-friendly in some way or another.

And when you do find an item you like on the site, you can then click through and find out where it is for sale and buy it from that shop, as nothing is sold directly on That’s because Cosa Verde is a place to showcase wonderfully eco-friendly handmade creations in order to aid shoppers to easily find these items, as well as to aid sellers who want to make their eco-friendly items more visible!

What’s cooler still about Cosa Verde is that there are a number of EcoEtsy members already showcasing their eco-friendly goodies on this resourceful site, including…

Mon Ami Vie

If and when you’ve checked out, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the site. Please share them in the comments below.

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