Eco Tutorial: Bubble Mailer Revamp!

Tutorial submitted by Pouch.
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Using recycled packaging is a very important part of the Pouch ethos. I get a steady supply of used bubble mailers from a local office. If I didn’t use them, they would go in the bin and then into landfill.

I want to use recycled packaging, but I still need to bear in mind that I don’t want scruffy looking packages turning up on my customer’s doorsteps.

I decided a few weeks back that I would try a little idea to revamp my bubble mailers and I’m really pleased with how they turned out, plus it’s really simple to do!

Materials Needed:
pre-used bubble mailers or envelopes
double sided tape
pinking shears or scissors
wide packing tape, clear or opaque
wallpaper samples
I collected some free wallpaper samples from my local DIY store. You could also use pages from magazines or vintage books, but I would suggest you use thick paper, thin paper like comic books or newspaper may tear too easily.
Plus most wallpaper is stylish and design-led so using it helps to create a slick look for your packaging.
I then cut round the edges with pinking shears. I use an old pair of pinking shears which are too blunt for fabric cutting. If you don’t have a pair of pinking shears, or you don’t want to blunt your sewing pair, you can use
normal scissors.
I then taped double sided tape to the back of the wallpaper in a ‘X’ from corner to corner. You could use a non-toxic glue stick instead of double sided tape. This helps to attach the wallpaper more securely to the mailer.
I then taped around each edge with clear packing tape. You could use opaque or patterned tape. I like to use the clear stuff so you can see the wallpaper and the pinked edges through the tape.

I completed the revamp by stamping the back of the mailer with this ink stamp from

I think they look pretty stylish now and it means I can continue to recycle the donated envelopes and not worry that I am sending shabby packaging when I post out an order.

I also believe that by re-covering the envelopes in this way, it prolongs their life and hopefully my customers will re-use the envelopes for their own postal needs.

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