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If you are like me, I hate using the bathtub soap dish because water runs through it and my favorite soaps get soft and don’t last as long. Soap dishes are no better since water doesn’t drain from them either. Since I try to upcycle as much as I can, I came up with using these non-recyclable plastic bottle caps to make a soap dish. The caps catch water and soaps stay dry when sitting on them. The tiny river rocks or gravel are used not just for aesthetics to soothe the harsh man made plastic, but also to add weight. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory as you can see. All you need to do is to glue the bottle caps and rocks onto the lids. You just need a tiny dab. Toothpicks work really well but you can use any method you like.

Materials Needed:
Non-Recyclable Plastic Bottle Caps
Non-Recyclable Plastic Take Out container Lids
Small gravel or rocks (you can use recycled glass too if they are heavy enough)
*E6000 or any other glue that’s good for adhering plastic to plastic and water proof
Toothpicks (optional)

*I tried to find eco-friendly glue for this project but couldn’t find any. Most glue didn’t make plastic (#7) stick to another plastic surface well and the one that did, wasn’t water proof. So far, E6000 is the only one that I found that worked. Important thing to remember when using E6000 is that the room needs to be ventilated and you should wear a mask. One good note is that once the glue is dried, it’s non-toxic.

Who needs to buy a new soap dish when you can make one with what you have at home. I think this is a great way to reduce waste, non-recyclable plastics and to save our favorite soaps!

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