Eco Tutorial: Saving Paper and Paypal

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I’m a fourth year in college so I’ve had my share of guilt every time I had to print out pages and pages of notes and such. But for almost two years now I haven’t had to purchased any new white paper. I save all my old papers from previous quarters and go through and save the ones with one whole blank side. I also go through bins from work, school, and my house mate’s and rescue whatever pages I can. I call these “printable whole pages” and use them to print things like notes, info, and whatever I could get away with. I save my new white pages for only formal things like essays and resumes. Remember to take out any staples and don’t keep pages that are too wrinkled because they can get jammed in your printer and cause a mess. And I always print on “fast draft” to prolong my ink cartridges. Also if you have lots of pages to print out, put multiple pages onto one page to crunch the numbers down. See below.

Now I also save “printable half pages.” which I use to print out shipping labels for product orders on Etsy and such.

I was really proud of myself to finally find a way to print the shipping labels smaller on Paypal. If you print out labels then you know what I’m talking about! Sometimes my packages are too small for the standard size labels that paypal makes you print out so I use to have to go to the post office for those.

Do everything normally to pay for shipping on Paypal until you have to print.

Go ahead and click on print label so that your printer preference shows up like below.

For my printer, I clicked on properties and then the page layout tab to get to the multi pages option.

It’s different with every printer so just explore all the tabs to find it. My old printer actually didn’t have this option so if you don’t see it maybe that’s why too? Click on 2 pages per page because any more will be way too small and I’m sure the postal office wouldn’t like that. On that note, I’ve been sending out packages for months now with these smaller labels and haven’t had any trouble. If you mess up, don’t worry you can reprint these labels for free. You do have to know how your printer prints or experiment with it to figure out how to feed your printer with the “printable half pages” so that it’ll come out correctly like this:

See? It’s half the size of the standard one and it’s perfect for small packages. You’re putting those “printable half pages” to good use and using less ink.

Here are extra pictures of how I organize my “printable whole” and “half pages” by using old record album covers and sticking them onto my wall. Got this great idea from Paper & Stitch.

I found these covers out on the street too so I’m glad I was able to adopt them and give them a home.

Hopefully that actually helped and not confused anyone. Please let me know if you have any questions to clarify any of the steps.

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