Eco Tutorial: Cereal Box Business Cards

Eco tutorial submitted by Chakra Pennywhistle.

Make Your Own Recycled Business Cards!

I found out about recycled cereal box business cards quite a while ago and thought that I would share. I use these cards all of the time and they are not only a fun way to recycle but a great conversation starter!

Cereal Boxes
Business Card Example
Personal Business Stamp
Ink Pad


Save all those cereal boxes. I also use cereal bar boxes, cracker boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, etc. The possibilities are endless!  Anything thin but sturdy enough to become a business card will do.

Find a business card to use as an example for tracing and cutting.
I trace around the example.  This seems to help with creating a crisp line and cuts down on waste.
Cut the cards out and prepare to stamp.  I bought a personalized business stamp from the Etsy seller, tearbearco.  I highly recommend that shop!  
Ink and stamp your card.
That’s all there is to it!  Now, you have your own eco friendly business cards.  Pass them on!  Also, don’t forget to recycle your scraps! 

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