Eco Tutorial: Dying Eggs with Old Silk Ties

Eco tutorial submitted by Green Springs Bodyworks.

Dying Easter Eggs with Old Silk Ties

We have been dying our Easter Eggs with old silk ties and the kids love it. I learned how to do this from a Martha Stewart Magazine years ago. It is super easy and lots of fun. I use old silk ties that my husband no longer wears. You can also find them at thrift store or the Free Box, just make sure they are silk.

Cut the tie into pieces big enough to wrap around the egg, then cover with piece of cotton fabric (I use old sheets). Secure all the fabric with a twist tie and place in a pan of cold water with 2 T of vinegar. Boil the eggs as usual, cool and uncover your masterpieces!

My daughter brings a few of her big duck eggs and we dye one a golden color for the “Golden Egg”. I make up a Treasure Hunt and my husband hides all the eggs in a roped off area in our woods. I make some of the clues hard enough to challenge the grown ups and a good time is had by all. Especially me, “Grandma Jo”!

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