Eco Tutorial: Recycled Inner Envelopes

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How to convert junk mail into inner envelopes.
JUNK MAIL creates four million tons of preventable waste each year. The enormous waste generated by junk mail has a big negative impact. This junk…
* Costs taxpayers $320 million in disposal fees annually.
* Destroys 62 million trees a year.
* Creates 28 billion gallons of wastewater per year.
* Fills 3% of America’s landfills.
* 44% percent is unopened, unread and trashed.
Don’t use plastic or tissue paper to wrap your items. I have been converting pages from catalogues to make these inner shipping envelopes for shipping instead of using tissue paper or plastic bags. Many of my customers comment about the eco friendly wrappings so I thought I’d share this tutorial. If you know how to sew, this is very easy, cheap, and eco-friendly.
From these……..

To this……

FYI – I use TWO pages for smaller envelopes and THREE pages for larger envelopes but you can use however many pages you like depending on what you are shipping. I shipped my delicate Birds Nest Magnets in small size envelopes and the nest material didn’t fall apart inside. I wouldn’t use these envelopes for fragile items like glass or ceramic but they are sturdy enough jewelry or plastic things.
Materials Needed:
Glossy pages from magazines or catalogs,
Zigzag scissors (or any other type of scissors that cut decorative edges),
Any clolor thread
Sewing machine
To make Med size (about 4.5”x8”) envelopes.

1) Gather as many pages you need for an envelope and trim the left and right side edges.

2) Fold the bottom edge to about 1.5 inches below the top. The top will become the lip of the envelope.

3) Sew the left and the right edges on the sewing machine. The tricky part is to make sure the papers move on the machine. Either gently pull the papers from behind or push from the front or both. Since paper is slippery, it will not move as easily on its own. If paper doesn’t move, you’ll rip it with the stitches. I usually use the large size stitching – you don’t need small stitching for this.

4) Trim excess threads and voila! You are done.

For larger (about 4.5” X 8”) envelopes, I use SIX (6) pages and sew around the three edges.

to make these…..

If you don’t know how to sew but would still like to use these eco-friendly envelopes for wrapping and shipping, I have done the work for you. These two sizes are for sale in my shop.

5 Large Envelopes – $3.50

5 Medium Envelopes – $2.50

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