Eco Tutorial: Sugar Body Scrub

Eco tutorial submitted by Knit Storm

Why should you make yourself a body scrub?   

1.) It’s waaaaaay cheaper than buying it in stores or online.

2.) Sugar scrubs are a ridiculously awesome way to exfoliate your skin in the shower and really moisturize it too! And I’m talking moisturizing that lasts well beyond the shower. I don’t even think about picking up the moisturizer lotion after I’ve used a good sugar scrub.

3.) You know exactly what’s in this stuff you’re putting on your body, and in the case of this recipe, it’s all stuff you could eat!

Body Scrub Ingredients…
Welp, first and foremost you’ll need the following:
– A sealable plastic container that can hold about 10 oz.
– 2/3 cup of sugar
– 1/2 a cup of olive oil
– 1/3 a cup of left over coffee grounds (or if you really don’t want coffee in yours just use a whole cup of sugar instead of 2/3rds)
– A teaspoon of vanilla extract

How to make your body scrub…
Combine all ingredients listed above into your plastic container, and mix well!

How to use your body scrub…
Just rub it onto your skin in the shower, wherever you’d like to exfoliate and moisturize. Then rinse!

What are the results of your body scrub?
Well for me, at least, I have exfoliated, moisturized skin that smells deliciously of vanilla coffee, and I love every second of it…

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this recipe as I have coming up with and using it!

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