Eco Tutorial: Beach Stone Bud Vase – Ikebana

Tutorial submitted by Sea Find Designs

Make your own Beach Stone Bud Vase – Rikkibana!

1. Select your glass or stones….. the flatter the better! I like my Ikebana to stand about 3 inches tall!

2. Depending on the OD (outer diameter size) of your tubing….. you’ll need to drill an appropriate size hole in the sea glass and stone. I like a random placement of the hole for character!
3. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to drill glass or if you don’t have a drill….. This project can be done with all kinds of recycled materials! They just need a hole!! See some examples of recycled washers and glass beads!!
4. I like a random placement….. but you can experiment!

5. Start with a base….. It needs a half hole….. don’t go through or the water will run out!!!

6. DRY RUN….. Place tubing in half hole….. you can use any tubing…. copper…. brass… I like a recycled BIC PEN body for mine….. Place random pieces on to tubing……. When finished, use Sharpie to mark where you’ll need to cut….. You’ll want the tube to be flush with the top of the Ikebana!
7. Remove all pieces from tubing….. but keeping in order that you got your materials to balance! Cut tube and start gluing!
8. Use a large amount of glue to start….. fill half hole….. Insert your tube, making sure some glue goes up the bottom of the tube to insure a waterproof seal!
9. Start stacking in your order….. glue around hole on bottom of first piece….. place on the tube….. glue the bottom of the next, and the next and so on and so forth!
10. When you reach your last piece, use a bit more glue around the hole of glass in order to seal!

11. Allow to cure for at least 48 hours before use!

12. I would suggest using a dropper to fill the tube with water….. it only takes a few, insert your favorite bud!!

You can find Tracy’s Ikebana’s for sale in her shop!  

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