Eco Tutorial: Business Card Holder

Tutorial submitted by Lolaness
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I recently had a featured interview through EcoEtsy, where I spoke about the idea of sending things like business cards in business card holders so that the packaging could be reused over and over – cutting back on waste, preventing the need to recycle or reuse in the first place. Since that interview, I’ve been asked several times for some kind of example of how I would send cards in a holder.
This is my favorite business card holder. They work just as well to keep your business cards safe as they do for a very pretty – and creative – display case. You can decorate the basic case in any way you wish, making it reflect your personal or business style, and they’re sure to stand out on your desk or at a fair.
8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper (card stock, repurposed cardboard, etc.)
Scissors, craft knife, bone folder, glue runner, embellishments of choice
1. Print the pattern on the wrong side of your chosen paper. For the example, I’ve used a sheet of paper cut to size from a gift bag. You could also choose repurposed materials like cereal boxes, flat rate mailing envelopes, and notebook covers. Just make sure that you cut the paper down to size – 8.5 x 11″ – so it will run through your printer.
2. Cut the paper out along all solid lines. Follow all the outside lines, leaving the center I shape for the next step.
3. For the center I shape, carefully use a ruler and a craft knife to cut along the solid lines. This will create two flaps that will be folded in and glued down for reinforcement.
4. Using a bone folder and ruler, carefully score the dotted lines.
5. Fold all scores toward the inside (wrong side) of the box and crease.
6. Apply glue to both the inside flaps at the center of the box. Press to the inside, lining up the edges with the folds of its panel.
Think about how you plan to embellish the box. If anything must be done while the box is still “flat”, now is the time to do it. For my box, I used this chance to apply 5 eyelets across the top of the window just made and thread ribbon through them.
7. Apply glue to the 4th strip (thinnest) on the left side of the box. Press this glued strip to the inside of the box, lining the fold up with the edge of the reinforced window made in step 6.
8. Apply glue to the middle, thinner strip on the right side of the box. Carefully glue this strip to the panel with half-circle cut out, lining up the edges so they are flush. The raw edge of the “flap” should be in line with the edge of the reinforced window made in step 6.
9. Apply glue to the thick outside panel, wrap it over the opposite panel to form a closed box, and press with edges lined up.
10. Allow to fully dry (at least an hour) and then open the “loose” side to slip your business cards in. It will fold back inward to close. Display proudly!

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