Eco Tutorial: Dryer Balls

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If you are the one who does the laundry in your house, you know the age old mystery – what happened to the other sock? You are sure you put both socks in the washer and dryer but when you start to fold the laundry, you have at least one missing sock. You store the orphaned sock away, hoping that the partner will turn up in the next wash but undoubtedly, it doesn’t. So, if you are like me, you have a drawer full of single socks. What to do with them all? I have a solution. Make dryer balls! Here is a tutorial on how to use up those orphaned socks or holey socks.

Materials needed:
Orphaned socks
Cup of dried lavender
Cup of flax seeds
Sewing machine

Collection of poor orphaned socks

Cut the cuffs off with scissors

Turn the cuff inside out and sew the cut end.

Turn the pouch right side out and fill the pouch with lavender and flax seeds.

Leave about ½â€ at the end to close the pouch after filling.

Sew and close the pouch. Be careful not to spill the content while sewing. And voila! Here are your dryer balls!

You can substitute lavender with other fragrant dried flowers or orange or lemon peels if you’d like. You can leave out flax seeds if you want more fragrance but they will weigh less. These dryer balls are very eco-friendly since you are using natural ingredients to make your laundry smell nice and soft – not like the commercial dryer sheets infused with chemicals or fabric softeners. (See my blog about washer/dryer maintenance and how these two are bad for your washers and dryers.) And these balls are made with socks that you would have had to throw away – which means you have rescued them from ending up in landfills.

A useful tip from a busy bachelor that I knew – buy the same socks- same color and same design. This way, you don’t spend extra time pairing up the right socks and when one sock is missing, you have plenty of partners to pair it with.

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