Eco Tutorial: Easy Product Packaging

Tutorial submitted by Picnic Basket Crafts

Today I have a no-sew, no-glue, no-tape, no-staple alternative utilizing some simple folds to make a self-locking envelope. You can use it to package soap, jewelry, potato chips, a book, pretty much anything!

The decorative paper and glue stick are optional. Frankly, you don’t even really need the scissors. A torn edge might look really great too!

Remove the bottom of the bag. Save this section – it makes a nice envelope in its own right!

Flatten out the body of the bag and cut it in half. You can make two wrappers with the one lunch bag.

Open up one half of the bag and lay your item on top.
Fold the sides in, one side over the other. If you are super OCD like me, you will want to make nice sharp creases to accomodate the thickness of the bar of soap. Then when flattening the ends out, you will want to push the sides in, so it all lays nice and tidy.

Fold the top down and the bottom up to wrap your object. Slide the bottom flap into the pocket formed by the end of the top flap.

It will stay just like this, but you might like to add a decorative seal or sticker…

That’s it!

Try using this same technique for wrapping up larger objects in larger pieces of paper. I use old calender pages, posters, shopping bags, thin cardboard, and even fabric or plastic. I am chronically trying to see potential uses for all kinds of “trash”. This is a great way to make your own shipping container sized perfectly to fit your package. This way I don’t use any more packing material than absolutely needed. I pad the object safely, and then wrap it up. A little tape is all that’s needed to secure this package. Try rethinking how you see “trash” and see what you come up with! (-:

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