Eco Tutorial: Great Gift Packaging

Tutorial Submitted by Good to Go Eco
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With the economy in a slump and the commercial use of recycling on the decline, reusing is becoming more and more critical to reducing waste.
One great reuse of cardboard boxes is to upcycle them into gift packaging. In just a few minutes, an ordinary cereal box can be transformed into a chic gift bag. It is so simple and beautiful!!!
All you do is:
1. Collapse a cardboard box
2. Cut across the top to trim the top to an open straight edge.
3. Reassemble the box in reverse so that the plain cardboard (inside of the box) is now the outside. Some boxes, such as cereal boxes, may require you to cut the box down the side.
4. Tape the box back together with clear packing tape, leaving the top open.
5. Punch a hole through the top.
6. Place your gift inside and tie with a reusable ribbon. Voila!!
Another reuse idea is using glass jars for storing odds and ends. I use mine to store buttons, paper clips and loose change. These are extremely functional and also provide a very clean and organized look and feel.

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