Eco Tip of the Week: Good Health is Skin Deep

Submitted by KnitStorm

We have lots and lots of cosmetic products being constantly marketed to us, but how often do we really think or know which ones are safe for us or not? It’s definitely not very easy to tell by the lengthy, unpronounceable ingredients list on most items. And the companies making them rarely give you any indication either (unless they are made by companies who aim to put out a safe product, to begin with).

What if there was a way to easily look up a cosmetic you use on a daily basis, say a shampoo, hand soap, baby powder, makeup, etc. You could just plug in the name of the product and would get back a wealth of information about what’s in it, its potential risks, and an overall safety rating of the product? In fact, such a website exists, and once you start using it you’ll never want to stop! It’s called Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database. If you are not familiar with this website already, you need to check it out and bookmark it, not to mention share it with everyone you know!

This website became extremely useful to me especially after I became pregnant and was worried about any and everything I not only ate and breathed, but even the stuff I put on my body. There are plenty of ways for things to cross over the placenta and right into your baby’s developing system, and a developing baby is the last thing you want to expose to harmful chemicals. This website helped me find products I felt safe using for my own benefit as well as my growing child’s, and I’ll continue to reference it for many more products I come to consider in the future, and you should too!

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