Eco Tutorial: Little Authors

Tutorial submitted by FunkeyMonkeyCompany

I have three girls – one in college, one in high school and one in elementary, I have to admit I’ve never been active in PTA (just not my bag), instead I volunteer to work with the teachers helping them with special projects. Over the past 10 years, I have been running a book publishing center where the kids write and illustrate their stories and 3 copies of their books are published – 1 for them, one of the media center and one for the classroom. Here’s how to get started making books with your kids:
An empty cereal box or cardboard inserts (if a class project have each kid bring a cereal box)
glue or double stick tape
blank paper
Stapler & staples
a picture of the child
newspaper, wall paper or 
clear contact paper or tape from the dollar store
1. Have your child write his/her story. Type is up and print out, so there are two pages to a sheet and have them illustrate the story
2. Cut the front and the back panels of the cereal boxes these should be slightly larger than your printouts. Larger boxes will make 2 books. 
3. Cover the panel decorative paper or newspaper with a 1″ overlap to your layout. 
5. cover the panel to form the book cover. 
6. Fold your printed sheets in halp and place in the center of the bookcover. 
7. Staple the sheets in place.
8. Ad the child’s picture to the back with their bio under their picture. Cover the book panel with clear contact. (this can be done before assembly). 
VIOLA! Your kids is a published author. I usually have other moms volunteer to help in the younger grades. 4th and 5th grades assemble their own books.

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