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HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR STUFF? Find test results for toxins in our everyday gear
When we embarked on a search for a bigger carseat for my daughter last week, we were unpleasantly surprised to find out most car seats for children are incredibly toxic. Now we do use our bicycle all summer, but can’t avoid using the car altogether… so what do to? One place I went to for trusted information about which car seats were less toxic than others, was – where they post the details of research into the toxic chemicals in everyday products. From toys, to cars, to apprel, kids’ play mats and pet products, this amazing site helps eco and health conscious shoppers make more informed choices. If your tolerance for risk, particularly toxic chemical-based risk, happens to be as low as mine is, this is definitely a site to check out.
In their own words, “ is based on research conducted by environmental health organizations and other researchers around the country”, led by the Ecology Center – a Michigan-based nonprofit environmental organization.
Unfortunately, we need sites like this because no one is looking out for our own interests when it comes to toxic chemicals and consumer goods. The US government does not require full testing of chemicals before they are added to most products, and once on the market, the government almost never restricts their use (even in the face of significant evidence pointing to health dangers). The last time the Government passed a law looking at the “whole picture” concerning chemicals and health (Toxic Substances Control Act) was actually the year I was born – 1976. That is really scary. According to, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has required testing for fewer than 200 of the 62,000 chemicals in commerce since 1979. There are many more frightening facts on the website you can check out for yourself. If you feel motivated to become active in this issue, the site also includes specific actions people can take to help prompt change.
In the meantime, before you buy your next car, or even car seat… check out this great eco information.

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