Eco Tip of the Week: Saving Resources

Eco tip submitted by TanjaSova

I would love to share one tip, that might help parents to explain to their kids the importance of saving resources: in the mountains of Serbia, where my mother was born and where I spent as many summers as I could, electricity was very weak, barely enough to sustain a low energy lightbulb. Infrastructure such as water pipes at that time were just imagination. But since the place is in the gorgeous rich woodland, had plenty of springs with delicious soft water. The only problem: someone had to carry the water uphill (very steep one) for each and every need! Metal bins are heavy themselves, let alone filled with more than 3 gallons of water and carried in the heat of the summer sun. Inside of the house were large tin cans with the tap, that water was filled in, and metal basin was under it to scoop the used water. If you are washing your hands, you definitely develop a habit of saving each drop, for if you don’t, guess who is going to get more water?! Washing the dishes, basic water needs, bath, everything: carry more water. I think that it teaches you how to be frugal about water, and each time I use the tap, I see my old can tap in front of me.

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