Eco Tutorial: Cereal Box Storage Unit

Tutorial submitted by Uncorked
Now I know we shouldn’t be eating this stuff, but some of us do have a collection of cereal boxes from overnight guests and for days when the kids really need to fend for themselves. And I have to admit I especially love the little mini assortment packs!
To make this little storage unit you will need- several mini cereal boxes, one larger box, glue, label holders (or some other random doodads), scissors
1. Open the cereal boxes a little more carefully then you normally would. Glue the top flaps open. For stability you want to leave them on rather than rip them off- a glue stick would probably work just fine for this.
2. Using a razor knife or scissors cut a larger package (carnation instant breakfast packaging show here) open and glue the flaps back.
3/4. Add little scrapbook doodads to the sides of your boxes- there are tons of variations here, so just use things that you have when possible. For these I have marked my entry points with a marker and then stabbed a little hole in them for the brads that will hold the little metal label holders in place.

These cereal boxes could also be made into little books and albums in this same way. Large cereal boxes also fit nicely into those plastic crates in your kids’ rooms. They won’t last forever, but make a fun way to upcycle the boxes before they (depending on where you live) go to the recycling center!

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