Eco Tutorial: Homemade Remedies

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I’m all about tips, I enjoy using and learning new tips and especially if they are Eco friendly. I found a huge list of remedies that we all can make at home to treat insects and diseases on plants. This time I’m going to share them with you little by little, so this post would not get so long and boring, …he he:
Home-made soap solution for insect control on plants:
You’ll need:
Baby shampoo
Empty gallon bottle (you can reuse the empty gallon of milk)
Empty Spray Bottle
Mix 2 tablespoon of baby shampoo in 1 gallon of water.
Water the plants the day before the soap spray application to prevent damage. Test the spray solution on a small area of the plant. Wait 2-3 days and check for any damage. reduce potential injury by rising plant with fresh water a few hours after the soap spray application.
Note: Use a maximum of 6 tbsp. per gallon on water. Through coverage of the pest is necessary. Avoid using soaps on plants with hairy leaves or with very thin waxy coverings on the leaves.
I hope you can put in good use this tip for your own garden.

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