Eco Tip of The Week: Green Tips For After Christmas

Eco tip submitted by ecokaren

Now that you are done with Christmas parties, family gatherings, meals, and exchanging gifts, think about these tips for greening your after- Christmas clean up.

1. Recycle your Christmas tree.

2. Recycle Christmas lights if they are broken and if you don’t have LED lights, buy them now (they are probably on sale) for next year.

3. Recycle old batteries.

4. Buy rechargeable batteries.

5. Straighten out the wrapping paper and reuse them for wrapping or making gift tags next year.

6. Save the ribbons and gift boxes too.

7. Use reusable bags to carry presents.

8. Bring containers if you are planning to take leftovers home from your mother’s house.

9. If you received a gift that you don’t like, either re-gift or donate.

10. Carpool when you go to the After-Christmas sale today.

11. Donate to local shelter – it’s not too late.

12. And don’t forget the local animal shelter too. They usually need towels and blankets for the animals in the winter.

13. Plan on having a green New Year’s Eve party (will post more on that next week).

Have you started thinking about your new year’s resolution? How are you planning to be greener next year?

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