Eco Tip of The Week: Cleaning With Lavender

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After getting back from a very refreshing holiday on the coast of British Columbia, I once again started wishing I lived in such a place that grew so lush! I saw tons and tons of lavender growing, I loooove the smell, and so I started thinking about how I could use it more often as a natural air freshener. I also learned that lavender is frequently used as an aid to relaxation- perfect for cleaning time!

I started by picking a few of the flowers and I just kept them in my car during our trip. Since it was so hot, the car would often be filled with the aroma.

Then I was cleaning house when I got back and while I was vacuuming, I thought I would try sucking some up into the vacuum. I remember when I was younger we had once bought this stuff that was synthetically scented that you sucked into the vacuum (thinking back now, I think it was vermiculite! eeew.) Anyway, My friend had given me a bag of lavender a while back that she had originally used for baking these wonderful lavender shortbread cookies. So the vacuum sucked a little up (a palm sized amount) and immediately I could smell the aroma. Definitely better than smelling dust! Try it the next time you vacuum, it sure makes cleaning that much more pleasant!

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  1. Linda Everett says:

    I love the vacuuming idea. I don't know where to buy dry lavender, but I guess I'll have to find out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Ooooh, I love lavender too and use it in my bath, in the water when I mop the floor, mixed with baking soda in little clay cups hidden behind furniture to make the room smell nice- in fact anywhere I can. I also grow it and it seems to do really well here in the Kootenays.
    Thanks Ashley for sharing your wonderful idea – can't wait to try that one.

  3. PrairiePeasant says:

    That's a great idea! I wonder if there are other natural things that could be used since I have no lavender on hand….

  4. AJ at NighBluey says:

    I was just doing chores, as a matter of fact, green tea in one hand, vacuum "wand" in the other – a little lavender on the floor and – presto! Now my living room smells like Provence or BC! Thanks for the tip! oxoxo

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