Themed Nomination – Bring your own Sunshine

Where I live in Canada we should be having snow but with the warmer temperatures it’s been rainy, gray and dripping for more than a week now. I find myself craving sunshine. All you lucky folk who woke up to the sun this morning could send some my way or just take a few minutes to send me your sunniest nomination from our EcoEtsy team.

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” Anthony J.D’Angelo

A bright and cheery sunshine yarn wig made for children by Lachiffonniere, a Northern climate girl who knows how to put a smile on your face. This would be so much fun for playing dress-up on a dull day.

You can do a tag search on for ‘teamecoetsy’ to find an item or items you’d like to nominate. Please send your nominations via Etsy convo to Morgen at Kootsac. The deadline is 11 AM EST Tuesday (tomorrow).

Winners will be chosen based on:

1. Picture Quality

2. Appropriateness to the Theme

3. Originality

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  1. adorable! Would make a great wig for a raggedy ann costume!

  2. Who could do better than that smile under the hat??

  3. curlymonkey says:

    I love this picture!