Themed Nomination winners – Bring your own Sunshine

And the winners are:

This is such a fun market bag! Mandinka, who nominated this bag from RosyundPosy, said “It reminds me of sunny summer Saturday mornings going to the farmer’s market to buy fresh veggies. I can totally imagine the warm sun hitting my bare shoulder.” Me too, markets are such a great part of summer.

“You are my Sunshine” linen pillow slip was hand made with an original lino cut print by Inklore. Nominated by Uncorked.

“Little Mo and Twig swinging” – such a sweet image to remind us of warm lazy summer days. An archival art print from an original illustration by Helen Tay (Littlemoandfriends) and nominated by MaryZoom.

Thanks very much Everyone – I feel the warm rays already.
See you next week!

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  1. super cute bag! it is like a bag full of sunshine!

  2. Love those items! I feel the warmth, also!