Eco Tip of the Week: Reusable Options

Eco Tip Submitted by: Winkydinks

Did you know:

  • 80% of US products are used once and then thrown away. (from
  • If someone were to load all of the disposable wipes purchased by consumers in North America last year onto 18-wheel semis, the caravan would number 9,000 trucks and stretch for 68 miles (from
  • If 25% of Los Angeles residents make 1 pot of coffee in the morning using a paper filter, (one used filter measures 5cu. Inches) this amounts to 81,159 cu. Ft. of trash per DAY. 81,159 cu. Ft. is aprox 10,000 sq. ft. an area, the size of two McDonald buildings. (from
  • use and toss products are alluring for their convenience but is a multi-million dollar industry with lasting environmental impacts.

There are many options out there for those of us looking to “go green” in our lifestyle. Some of these are really simple to switch to, and some take a little more effort. But think about the amount of waste you generate by using disposable items, and see where you can make little changes to make a big impact! Maybe you didn’t know there were reusable alternatives out there for some of these – take a look! Check out the links for more information and ideas!

  • baby wipes – washcloths or handmade cloth wipes and wipes solution
  • baby foodhomemade baby food has no packaging!
  • batteries – use rechargeable when you can!
  • coffee cups – bring your own travel mug!
  • coffee filters – reusable fabric coffee filters, permanent reusable filters, or a filterless coffee system.
  • cotton pads/cotton balls – crocheted facial scrubbies
  • disposable diaperscloth diapers (or even elimination communication)
  • dryer sheetsdryer sachets, wool dryer balls
  • food “doggy bags” – bring your own container if you think you may have leftovers
  • gift wrap – reusable fabric bags, furoshiki
  • kleenex – super soft handmade hankies are much nicer on the nose too – use once and wash

For a complete directory of reusable products like nursing pads, cleaning products, produce bags, and swiffer pads, visit Winkydinks’ blog.

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  1. Designers4design says:

    Very useful post!!!
    Wonderful tips!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Great tips! too many people succumb to the comfort of convenience. Granted, I'm not perfect, but I truly believe that every little bit helps. Reusing or at the very least making an effort to only buy post-consumer recycled products should be made a habit!!

    By the way, hope no one else falls in love with the Keep it Green diaper cover, b/c I just bought it! haha :) I love WinkyDinks! :)

  3. alexkeller says:

    yay! Looks great, Karen! and I'm off to get some wool dryer balls!