Themed Nomination – The Chinese Year of the Tiger

Last week ushered in a new Chinese year – the Year of the Tiger!

The Chinese use the lunar calendar for celebratory events like the New Year. The cycle of twelve repeating animal signs originates from Chinese tradition as a way of naming the years. Every animal has particular characteristics and people born in a specific year are believed to take on these characteristics.

This courageous and fiery fighter is admired by the ancient Chinese as the sign that keeps away the three main tragedies of a household; fire, thievery and ghosts.

So for this week’s themed nomination to get The Year of the Tiger kicked off ecoetsy style let’s think of the attributes of the tiger and find a team member’s item to represent one of these attributes such as grace, independence, boldness also their courage, pride and exotic nature. What does our community have to offer?

I love this gorgeous striped felt scarf made from receycled fabrics by Trillian Artisans!

You can do a tag search on Etsy for ‘all items’ and then type in ‘teamecoetsy’ to find an item or items you’d like to nominate for the week’s theme. And don’t forget to tag your own items ‘teamecoetsy’ so team members can find you!

Please send your nominations by Etsy convo to Cat at Polarity

The deadline is NOON EST Tuesday (tomorrow).

Winners will be chosen based on:

1. Picture Quality
2. Appropriateness to the Theme
3. Originality

Happy New Year EcoEtsy! It’s going to GGRREEEATTT! (at least that’s what Tony’s been telling me)

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