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Here is a great tutorial submitted by: Ojamiya
Amy is the newest member of Eco Etsy Team and I am so delighted she took on this challenge even before she was inducted into the team.
Thank You Amy!!

Reusable Tea Bag Tutorial

After seeing the delightful tutorial on DIY green coffee filters, it occurred to me that we could easily make tea bags too! My goal for the tea bags was to keep the supplies and work to an absolute minimum – no pins, no string, no zigzag. One teabag should take about 5 minutes at most. I really liked that there were very few tea leaf bits in my tea with these bags.

To make your own reusable tea bags you’ll need:

• unbleached muslin (organic if you can find it)
• thread (unbleached if you can find it)
• scissors
• a sewing machine

1. Wash and rinse, rinse, rinse the fabric! No one wants to drink left over laundry soap.
2. Cut a piece of fabric about 7 inches long by 2.5 to 3 inches wide.

3. Fold the edge of the short side down twice for a small rolled hem that uses at most a half inch of fabric. Sew. Repeat for opposite side.

4. Now make a circle with your fabric strip and over lap the ends by about half and inch.

5. Flatten the circle, leaving a little room above the outside hem. Sew the unhemmed edges twice. You could use zigzag here, but two rows of straight stitch will do well to hold the seam and prevent a lot of unraveling.

6. Turn your little tea bag right side out. See the flap? You’ll just flip this over after you put tea in the bag.

To use your tea bag, fill with your favorite tea, flip the top and use as you would any other tea bag.

Use a spoon to remove the teabag.

You can reuse most teas except rooibos, so save your teabag for later in the day. When you’re done with the tea, gently turn the teabag inside out, remove the tea, rinse your tea bag and set it out to dry.

Other green ideas for tea lovers:

 Craftleftovers also has a nice simple re-usable teabag tutorial for a drawstring bag.

Metal reusable tea filters work well too. I have the “Agatha’s Bester Tea Filter” that my mom got me for Christmas from Teavana.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ojamiya,

    Thanks for this article on how to make reusable tea bags. It is DIY articles like this that can really make a difference! At ReUseConnection, we are all about reuse and I love running across these how tos. When we launch, our site will provide a global platform for exchange of reuse ideas – e.g. how do people reuse CDs in Finland, or bicycle tires in Lesotho? – and hopefully contribute to spreading great ideas like this one.

    If you have more reuse examples (or if you've written more articles on them), I would love to hear about them and post to our FB page –

    Thanks again for your article.

    Warmest wishes,
    Ian Moise

  2. I ♥ this tutorial! Its been ages since I've been here to the blog and I can not express how exciting it is to be back when this is the kind of stuff I get to read. LOVE it! Thanks for such a great (and super simple) tutorial!

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  4. what a great idea! thanks for sharing :)

  5. polkadotsandblooms says:

    How simple but impactful. I really need to make one of these for myself. This is fantastic!

  6. CurlyMonkey says:

    Love this tutorial! Very cool.

  7. Lisa at Lil Fish Studios says:

    This is great! I hadn't thought of doing the flap either. I tried a little drawstring bag once. Wasn't pretty. I will do this project. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. ecokaren says:

    I thought this tute was so cool too. I was thinking maybe I can try making this bag larger for a pot of tea!
    And how about putting in whole coffee beans and letting it sit in hot water – kinda like French Press.

    So many possibilities….with eco-friendly handmade!

    Love my eco-teammates and your brilliant ideas ! :)

  9. Winkydinks says:

    awesome tutorial! I never thought to do the flap. Soon we will put the disposable companies out of business! he he he.