Eco-Tip: The Good Guide App

Eco-Tip Submitted by: KnitStorm

The Good Guide App

Here’s an easy way for smart phone owners to shop responsibly: The Good Guide app. This app allows you to scan a product’s bar code in order to determine how healthy it is for you and your family, how environmentally friendly the company that produces the product is, and how socially responsible that company is as well. This, to me, looks like it will be an extraordinary app to have on hand when shopping to avoid greenwashing, and bonus… It’s Free! Check out the Good Guide website as well:

What’s in the KnitStorm’s shop?

Green Tea Mug Cozy: $15
Hot Tea Mug Cozy: $15


  1. Celeste Jean says:

    something for me to look into when i get that smart phone someday!

  2. Winkydinks says:

    I'll have to check this out, thanks!